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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 24, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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right now. >> shepard: reports of death threats against members of congress after their votes on health care insurance reform. plus, sobering news on our economy. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. new home sales dropped to the lowest level ever reported. tonight, where it's the worst. why it's happening now and when we could expect things to improve. plus the new trend in housing, a place not only for their kids but for your parents. it does have certain benefits. >> dad is good at watching the back. mom is good at driving when i can't be at two places at once. >> shepard: tonight, three generations of american families living under one roof. and a fresh attack in what
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officials call urban terrorism. tonight, how criminals in california are apparently targeting police, again. but, first from fox tonight, word of what appears to be a deepening crisis in the housing market. remember, housing is credited as being where the entire economic crisis began with the collapse of the subprime mortgages. and today we learned sales of new homes fell for the fourth straight month to an annual rate of just 300,000 homes. that is the lowest level ever recorded. here is how the national picture looks today. in the west, sales were actually up 21%. in the south, they were down 5%. and the numbers were off by double digits in the midwest and the northeast. regions that face very harsh winter weather last month. for some more perspective, consider. this overall, there were 236,000 new homes for sale in february. but sales are moving so slowly that even if not one more home hit the market it would still take more than 9 months to
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exhaust that supply. now couple all of this with yesterday's news that sales of existing homes also took a dive and this seems to signify something very troubling in the housing market. the question now is will housing drag us down all over again or is it a minor hickup? a weather thing? and we may be moving toward recovery. the fox business network jerry willis live in our newsroom. how serious does this thing appear to be. >> it's pretty darn serious. weather did play a role in some of these numbers. the reality is we could have a double dip and here is why. unemployment continues at high levels. you know we saw a high in this recent recession of over 10%. now we're down at 9.7. that's really still high. you can't own a home, you can't buy a home if you don't have a job. >> shepard: there was a tax credit that was supposed to help first time home buyers. is that not having an effect at all. >> it had an effect last fall. it's not having an effect so much now. even if you haven't lost your job, shep, you are still worried
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you might. there is a concern out there that things can't get better. >> shepard: is there a sense among the experts for when this might get better. >> that's a great question. originally we were thinking this spring would be the big return of the housing market. now that's off. people don't think there will be recovery this spring. it could be years in fact, 2012 maybe. we will probably see another 3 million foreclosures this year alone and more foreclosures mean more inventory, more problems for banks. you get it, it's bad news for the housing market. >> shepard: sounds like it. gerri, thanks. now a disturbing turn in the health care battle. house majority leader stood in front of the microphones ted and announced more than 10 democrats have received threats, including death threats apparently because they voted for the health care insurance reform law. there has also been vandalism. the arizona congresswoman gabriel gifford says somebody shattered the front door of her office in tucson just a few
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hours after that health care vote. the office was empty at the time and nobody was hurt. tonight, leaders of both parties are speaking out about this. >> our democracy is about participation. our democracy is about different and debate and animated debate and passionate debate. it is not about violence. >> there are a lot of angry americans and they are angry over this health care bill. they are angry about the fact that the democrats here in washington aren't listening to them. but i have got to tell you that violence and threats are unacceptable. it is not the american way. >> shepard: fox news has gotten ahold of some of the threatening messages. actually, some of them are so obscene we can't even play them here. team fox coverage major garrett and molly in the newsroom. do we know who has gotten these threats. >> michigan democratic congressman bart stupak for one. he released obscenity laced voice mail messages he said came into his office from people very
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angry that the pro-life lawmaker voted for the bill. take a listen. >> congressman stupak, you are one big piece of human [bleep] and think about this. there are millions of people across the country who wish you ill. >> republicans also have received death threats in the past. in fact, just last month, according to a spokesman, kentucky senator jim bunning got death and bomb threats at his offices in kentucky when he was filibustering unemployment benefits. shep? >> shepard: the congresswoman was one of the milder that we received and i mentioned vandalism. police are investigating other incidences as well, right? >> yes. in fact involving two democratic members in the house. in new york congresswoman louise slaughter says a brick was thrown through a window at her niagara falls office over the weekend. in virginia police are looking what happened in the home of tom perriello's brother. a gas line to a grill inside a
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screened in porch was cut. address posted online thinking it was the lawmaker's home. the congressman says it's too early to, quote, say anything definitive regarding political motivations but he also said, quote, here in america we settle our political differences at the ballot box. shep? >> shepard: so far we talked about members of the house of representatives. anything from the senate side? >> according to a spokesperson for senate majority leader harry reid, no such threats to senators. but late this evening, the senate sergeant at arms sent out a message to senators warning them to, quote, remain vigilant. although they said there were no specific threats. shep? >> shepard: molly henneberg in our newsroom in washington. thanks. congressman stupak only promised to vote after president obama promised to reiterate the law already in effect. not everyone is convinced it will do that we're told that the president signed that order today. the white house gave us this photo but didn't allow any independent media in the room. team fox coverage continues.
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major garrett live at the white house. any explanation for why we couldn't watch that? >> well, because he is the president. that's what he decided. that's explanation number one from robert gibbs, the white house press secretary. number two is a bit more subtle. the white house always wanted to deal with health care as health care issue not abortion issue. it tried to stay away from this issue until the 11th hour and only agreed to sign this executive order clarifying existing federal law in the white house view when it was clear that it needed these votes or to be absolutely sure health care would pass. it ought to sign this executive order to get it across the finish line. so the white house has never wanted to emphasize abortion in this debate. that's why only one white house photo of this executive order signing here today. >> shepard: what's in this order? what exactly is it supposed to do? >> well, the white house said today, as it has throughout this, shepard, that it is simply reiterates federal law. the inevitable question came up at today's briefing. was this executive order signed for political reasons, not legal ones, because maybe you needed
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the votes to win health care? here is the exchange we had with robert gibbs today. >> we reiterated the status quo, and we're comfortable reiterating that status quo. >> for legal purposes? >> we're comfortable reiterating that status quo. [inaudible] >> doesn't it diminish the whole purpose of a presidential executive order if he is only reit rating what's already in the law? why would he do that? >> we don't see that as -- >> robert gibbs sent around an email later on this afternoon making sure that the president does appropriate way. he wanted you will of a us to understand that the president does not consider it a worthless piece of paper. >> shepard: that doesn't make sense. they are saying this is already in the law and he got political pressure so he signed something. it certainly doesn't change anything, does of it? >> it doesn't change anything. in the minds of congressman stupak and those who were persuaded this executive order was necessary, it does a couple of things that underline federal
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law did not do. it speaks specifically to the health care exchanges set up under this new federal health insurance law and community health centers, specifying that neither can be any way, shape, or form involved in federal funding of abortion. those who supported this executive order say that's a clarification. the white house concedes that point but says the underlying legislation was clear on that point anyway. that's how it's explained here, shep. >> shepard: they don't concede he needs political cover on this matter. >> they do not concede it openly. >> shepard: gotcha. major garrett out on the white house lawn. thanks a lot. tax dollars buying viagra for child molesters. quite a headline, isn't it? one senator says it could happen under the new law. tom co-born also a doctor backing amendment to change that. >> so we have convicted sex offenders, rapist and child molesters, that were taking federal tax dollars and buying them drugs so they can act again. >> shepard: that's quite a thing, isn't it? it's one of the dozens of amendments that republicans are
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now pushing as the senate debates a second reform bill. the problem for democrats is, if they approve even one change, the bill has to go back to the house for another vote. so, they claim republicans are more interested in throwing up road blocks than actually improving the bill. >> how serious could they be offering an amendment out here on gay marriage in the district of columbia? how serious could they be offering an amendment dealing with viagra for rapists? >> shepard: democrats say they are comfortable with the bill as it is. for years, washington and moscow stood with weapons at the ready just figurative button push from nuclear annihilation. of course, since those days, both sides have worked pretty hard to back away from the brink. today, both sides took another major step together. we'll see what the two former cold war rivals have done now exactly and what it means, really, for the future of peace on the planet. that's coming up from the journalists of fox news tonight on "the fox report."
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>> shepard: there is reportedly a landmark deal as fox reports tonight on a treaty to reduce the number of nuclear weapons aimed at america and other nations. the u.s. and russia each report that they have reached an agreement on all the necessary documents to sign a new nuclear arms treaty. our mike emanuel is following this live tonight at the pentagon. mike, what does this agreement entail exactly? >> well, shep, a key component is reducing the number of nuclear warheads and launchers by more than 25%. also an important segment is making sure verification allowing each country to verify that the other country is, indeed, disposing of those weapons should be pointed out that both sides expect it will be totally finalized when russian president dmitry medvedev and barack obama speak again. we expect that to be announced soon, as soon as friday that it's absolutely a done deal. important to note that the both
7:15 pm
the congress and the russian parliament have to essentially sign off on the deal, shep. >> shepard: we got a hint today that it was going to happen when word came out of brag praagh that there would be a treaty signed there. >> prague is where president obama last year laid out vision for denuclearized world. that was april 5th of last year. we expect april 8th of this year for he and the russian president to sign off on this deal and robert gibbs said today that president obama has been very personally committed to making this deal happen. we expect that in that speech after the signing that he will say that this is a key step toward his vision of a deep nuclearized world, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel live at the pentagon, mike, thanks. the top diplomats in the u.s. and pakistan starting two days of high level talks on how to approve relations between the two nuclear armed allies in the terrorism. secretary of state welcomed her counter part to d.c. today. she said the ties of the two nations extend well beyond
7:16 pm
security and vowed the u.s. would work with pakistan including energy and education. on capitol hill pentagon chief robert gates praised pakistan's efforts in fighting militants along the u.s.-afghan border. >> it has been extraordinary in my view seeing what pakistan has done over the last really more than a year in terms of becoming engaged, in terms of their operations, in terms of understanding that they now face an existential threat. >> shepard: of course that's along the afghan and pakistan border. we don't actually have a border over there. my bad. joint chiefs mike mullen says successful in killing terrorists in the past few months. the deaths of at least three babies now forcing the government to recall more than one million slings. take a look at this year the consumer products safety commission warns parents of infants under four months old to stop using slings made by the
7:17 pm
company infantino and stop now. this comes on the heels of a previous warning about these slings. a warning that did not include a specific type or maker. we're told babies could suffocate in the slings. in this kind they wrap around a parent's chest. infantino says it it's working to develop a sling that's standard. for more information on what specific types and what to do if you have one. can you head over to our web site fox and click the link under the wires session. it's all there for you. cops say the urban terrorists targeting police officers here in the united states have apparently struck again. first came the warning, and then this. we're live with details. and it's already legalized medical marijuana. now one state may become the first in the nation to make pot legal to grow, pot legal to smoke. not just for medicine, but, i
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, >> shepard: there is new evidence tonight of guerrilla warfare on the streets in a city in california the apparent target, police officers. four trucks set on fire two blocks from the police department in hemet last night. southeast of los angeles. they believe the torched trucks are connected to a recent string of booby trapped attacked aimed they anti-gang task force. they are calling it urban terrorism. officers have survived at least three attempts on their lives. in the first attempt, someone re-route add gas pipe into police headquarters.
7:22 pm
in the second, a bullet from a gun rigged to a security fence barely missed an officer. and in the third, somebody placed an explosive device in an unmarked police car. thankfully, nobody has been yet hurt in these attacks. but police are stepping up efforts to catch the suspects before they strike again. anita vogel is in los angeles this afternoon. first off, what do we know about this latest attack with the trucks? >> well, hi there, shep. that's right, police in hemet are really having to watch their backs these days. as far as this latest incident, police say it's definitely related to all the others. these were not police vehicles that were targeted last night. they were city code enforcement vehicles. but officials say because of the nature of the crime and the proximity to the police department it's definitely related to these other attacks. add to the fact that the police department has actually been fortified with barricades so it's really hard to get into. these trucks were just an easier target. >> shepard: do they have suspects? anyone in mind? >> well, investigators from the
7:23 pm
d.a.'s office tell me they believe it could be gang-related because these attacks have been levied at members of that county wide gang task force that you mentioned. now, originally they thought there was some speculation it could be a well-known motorcycle gang but police say there is really nothing specific to suggest their involvement at this point. there are 2,000 gang members in the city of hemet so they have an awful lot of people to look at. now there is $200,000 reward for information leading to arrests. and investigators are hoping to pay that money out soon, shep. >> shepard: anita vogel in los angeles. thank you. it's been 35 years since jamaican peter tash first sang legalize it. now the state of california may be close to voting on whether to do exactly that. reports show that there are now enough signatures on a petition to get marijuana legalization on a statewide ballot this november. that word came today. and if it passes, adults in california will be able to
7:24 pm
legally buy, sell, or grow small amounts of pot and smoke it. for recreational use, not just for medicine. remember, federal law still prohibits any of this. and opponents say they will be able to handedly defeat the proposal. supporters say, among other things, california is broke, and could certainly use the tax money. it's land where osama bin laden was born, a nation that was home to 15 of the 9/11 hijackers. but now saudi arabia taking new action against terror inside that kingdom. security forces arresting more than 100 suspected members of al qaeda. and the interior ministry says they were definitely planning some new attacks. we'll check out the potential targets and see what this could all mean for the wider fight against islamic extremism. that's coming up. this is nine gs of the world's most revered luxury sedan. this is a history of over 50,000 crash-tested cars.
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7:29 pm
university of texas say they are working on an exercise pill. they say they have found two ways to trick human muscles into thinking exercise has taken place. both drugs have apparently been tested on mice and we're told they worked. researchers say these pills can't offer all the benefits of physical exercise. they also say a safe exercise pill won't be widely available for at least 10 years. ohio. firefighters battling flames at a warehouse in marseilless, building at a egg farm. filled with cardboard egg cartons and wooden pallets. colorado: cab drivers in colorado springs now keeping an eye out for crime. it's part of the city's cop program or cabs on patrol. the cab company came up with the idea for its drivers to report any suspicious activity to police. the company says it plans to offer cash rewards to drivers who make the most reports to
7:30 pm
cops. missouri. the state's humane society hosting a pet speed dating event. a worker there says it's a great way for potential owners to get matched up with dogs they can adopt. it allows folks to spend a little time with a dog to see if they are a good fit and part of a fox watch across america. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and word today of a major terrorist sweep in saudi arabia. saudi forces say they have rounded up 113 suspected members of al qaeda. the interior ministry reports the men were plotting attacks on the kingdom's oil facilities. the saudis say the sweep it did not happen all at once but over a period of five months. it looks as if security forces got quite a hall of guns, ammunition, and maybe, most importantly, intelligence. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt at
7:31 pm
the top story at the bottom of the hour. >> it seems to be a textbook operation. got wind of these attacks after a deadly clash with a couple of al qaeda operatives back in october. they then tracked all of these suspects and picked them up over a period of months. many of them, by the way, arrested near the border with yemen. it's no coincidence that nearly half of them were, in fact, from yemen where we know, of course, that al qaeda has been very active recently, shep. >> shepard: how big a setback? are they giving us any indication if this will make a dent. >> clear lay significant below against al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. the particular active group we have seen coming to the foreover the past few months. clearly the experts believe that there are thousands upon thousands of al qaeda members and potential al qaeda members both in saudi arabia and yemen. while it is a victory for the saudi security forces, this is one battle they have certainly not won the war, shep. >> shepard: you know, jonathan, there is at least the appearance
7:32 pm
that saudi arabia and other nations seem to be having more success against al qaeda. >> they have taken the fight to al qaeda. they have had some success there. but then look across to south asia and we have also seen the pakistani government taking far more aggressive action against al qaeda and the taliban. we have also heard today afghan militants talking about possible peace talks with the u.s. so you have to ask the question, is the obama administration's different approach to bringing our allies and former allies on board in the war on terror actually bearing some fruit right now, shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt, live in our newsroom tonight. jonathan, thanks. a fox weather alert now. five days into spring and folks in the nation's mid section now facing the threat of snow in some spots. heavy, wet snow already causing headaches in colorado where it reportedly closed schools and government offices today. it forced the cancellation of dozens of flights.
7:33 pm
national weather service around denver has already seen 2 feet of snow. nearby denver thousands lost their power after the snow brought down trees. that system now creeping towards the south and east. forecasters show the potential for three inches of rain next 48 hours in more than two dozen states. snow in parts of kansas, oklahoma, and texas. neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stops the mail. but saturdays may. the postal service today made a step closer to cutting saturday delivery. the postal governing board has agreed to ask regulators to look into switching service just five days a week as we reported here. that request will go to the independent commission for review. the proposal would effect every home and business in america and is expected to save the postal service about $3 billion a year. but, first, congress would have to approve that change. snuckers announcing plans to cut 700 jobs in michigan and canada.
7:34 pm
the company says it will close four of its fruit spread plants in tennessee and quebec. snuckers, which owns follow gears folgers. it will help cut cost and modernize. snuckers, and with a name like that, it has to be good. says it will produce jams, syrup and ice cream toppings with a new plant in ohio. with the economy the way it is, fewer college graduates finding work. and affording the cost of senior care. more adults are moving back in with the parents and more seniors are living with their adult children. according to the aarp, the number of these multigenerational homes as they call them increased from 5 million in the year 2000 to more than 6 million in 2008 and on the way up. our laura ingle has been looking into all of this. we have heard of this in italy and other countries for decades but now it looks like some are calling this the new american way. >> it's very popular.
7:35 pm
49 million americans living in multi generational family households, according to the pew research center. those who embrace the lifestyle are finding that it can save thousands of dollars a month in bills. >> in the case of the anglo family in miller place, new york, there are nine people living under one roof. >> we are getting older. and my husband had a business. he got ill with a heart problem. and couldn't work anymore. and we had to down size. >> five kids, mom, dad, and grandma and grandpa, who have cut the baby-sitting bill from $1,400 a month to zero. >> dad is good at watching the baby. mom is good at driving when i can't be at two places at once. dad is a really good cook, thank goodness because i'm not. >> the national association of home builders reports that the new american home includes two master bedrooms at opposite ends of the house. >> you are seeing sort of a shift in the american culture where more and more frequently those that can afford to take care of the next generation are
7:36 pm
doing that. >> we're seeing that there are more families that are trying to economize by moving in under the same roof. >> a survey of coldwell banker rae agents showed a 37% increase in the number of families looking for homes to accommodate multiple generations in the past year it may not be for everyone, but 10-year-old jake anglo says it's pretty great living at home with your grandparents. >> we also get to spend a lot of time, that's the best part. and i can't imagine how it would be without them. >> the pew research center also reports an increase in adults age 25 to 39 living at home because of the recession. sons and daughters of baby boomers being called boomerangers. the other cool thing that jake says about living at home, he says grandpa makes the best pancakes. >> shepard: wouldn't that be nice to move back home and get the whole family together. >> i know, right? >> shepard: sounds like fun until the kids start crying. changes things. thanks, laura. a 15-year-old girl asked her high school for help after
7:37 pm
learning she was pregnant. the school, as the story goes, put her in a taxi and sent her to a clinic for an abortion. the school never told the parents. we'll report so you can decide on questions which have followed that. but, first -- ♪ >> shepard: the star of the 60's television show "i spy" died today. robert culp collapsed on a sidewalk outside his home in california. preliminary investigation ruled his death accidental. "i spy" aired from 1965 to 1968. critics called it a new milestone creating humor and adventure. also the first mainstream show to feature a black ache nor a starring role. that actor, of course, a guy named bill cosby. culp starred more recently in the popular show everybody loves raymond. the actor robert culp dead today
7:38 pm
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>> shepard: we have been reporting on the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. in a fox urgent tonight we are learning more about how the defense secretary robert gates plans to alter that policy. the controversial policy on gays a senior defense official telling fox news secretary gates will make it tougher to kick out personnel by having each case reviewed by higher ranking officers. kicking out enlisted service member would require approval from a one star general. official announcement expected tomorrow. the defense department is still reviewing a possible change in the overall don't ask-don't tell policy that review is due out in december. north carolina's biggest school district was once considered a model for student diversity based on economic class rather than race. but now it's -- its busing policy has been scrapped following a tense and emotional debate. listen.
7:42 pm
[chanting] >> education -- >> shepard: protesters making their voices heard outside school board meeting there at least three people arrested. supporters say the vote fix as broken system. critics say it amounts to resegregation of schools. jonathan serrie is live in our southeast newsroom tonight. jonathan, sort it out for us. >> yeah, shep. that decision, the final decision came during that heated school board meeting. at times school board members complained the noise from the protesters outside the meeting hall was so loud that they could barely focus on what was going on inside. but ultimately wake county school officials voted 5 to 4 to stop assigning children to schools based on family income and, instead, decide to put the kids in schools close to
7:43 pm
model for school districts around the country. districts wanting to move beyond racial preferences while still assures equal educational opportunities for disadvantaged children. but suburban parents complained that the distances that their children had to travel to school were unreasonable. last year, they voiced their frustration at the polls. they elected a new majority to the school board. a majority that was against economics-based busing and, instead, in favor of neighborhood schools. shep? >> shepard: jonathan serrie, live in atlanta tonight. jonathan, thanks. he is the suspect in about $1.5 million worth of thefts. and he just turned 19 years old this week. he is the so-called bare foot bandit. and his mother says he has something really big in the works. that from an interview maxim
7:44 pm
magazine names coal ton harris moore all american outlaw. on the run and suspect in about 100 crimes including burglaries, atm break-ins and thefts and subsequent crashes of at least four small planes. his mother tells the magazine: >> shepard: i spoke with this boy's mom in october on "studio b." she explained why she is proud of him. >> i said if he stoled the airplane and can fly, i'm proud of him flying. because he has never had a lesson. >> shepard: he crashed three times, right? >> yeah. oh, he is very smart. >> shepard: go on. you compared him to einstein, i believe. >> he is 2 or 3 points below
7:45 pm
einstein. >> shepard: officials say they believe this kid harris moore is hiding out on orcas island in washington state. last week armed guards combed that island but they called off the search when they couldn't find anything. a seattle mother says she feels her rights were stripped away after she learned her 15-year-old daughter was able to get an abortion with the help of her school's health center. the mother reportedly claims her daughter, who attends ballard high school was put into a taxi and sent to a nearby planned parenthood clinic during school hours. and the mom says she was never notified about any of this. but according to the county health department which oversees the school clinic, they broke no laws. dan springer in seattle this afternoon to sort it out for us. how did this mother find out? what else is she saying? >> yeah, shep. she found out recently when her daughter went into doctor's office for unrelated health problem and the daughter admitted to having an abortion. the mother does admit she signed
7:46 pm
this school consent form which allows her treatment off school campus. however, the mom thought that it was for things like medical emergencies. nowhere on this form is abortion mentioned. she does say the mom, that is, that she is pro-choice. however, she is outraged that her daughter was taken alone in a taxicab to a planned parenthood where she allegedly was encouraged to keep the abortion secret. >> we had no idea that this was being facilitated on campus. they just told her that if she concealed it from her family that it would be free of charge and there would be no financial responsibility. >> now, in addition to abortions, kids can also, on their own, decide to have mental health care and also drug treatment off campus during the school day, mom and dad don't have to know, shep. >> shepard: there are supporters of this process and these off-campus clinics as well, right? >> yeah. and they say that if not for these clinics that are confidential, kids wouldn't get the services they need. and they include, yes, abortion.
7:47 pm
these clinics have been in seattle school district for 25 years. they have been controversial in the past. they are also very expensive, costing taxpayers this year alone almost $3 million. they are actually run by the county health department, as you mentioned. they say in this case no laws were broken. >> at any age, in the state of washington, an individual can consent to a termination of a pregnancy. >> and washington state is one of just 15 states in the nation without a parental consent or parental notification law. shep? >> shepard: dan springer live in our seattle, washington newsroom. thanks. protests at an independence day parade. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. greece. [chanting] >> teachers say they are angry with their government for planned spending cuts. they shouted at greece's education minister who was outside the particle meant building in athens watching an annual student parade.
7:48 pm
the government has ordered a series of nationwide cutbacks to deal with massive budget deficit germany. a court sentence ago group of retirees to jail for kidnapping their american financial advisor. officials say they forced him to send an order to transfer millions of dollars to their accounts. the 74-year-old ringleader got six years locked up. india. a fire destroying hundreds of huts in a slum in the east. one witness says a family might have left a wood fire stove burning near one of the hut's walls and that the fire was so intense it destroyed trees outside. residents reportedly had to help put out the flames. a committee at the 175 nation convention on international trade and endangered species rejecting a u.s.-backed proposal to protect hammer head sharks. the united states and other countries say illegal fishing has hurt the hammer head population.
7:49 pm
asian countries where shark fenn soup is very popular say trade restrictions are not the answer. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: for another look at today's around the world segment goes to click on the videos tab. it's there for you. health care reform didn't just give democrats a victory. it also gave both political parties emotional and divisive issue heading into november. how they are using it live from america's election headquarters coming up.
7:50 pm
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>> shepard: it was certainly one of the most heented and emotional debates in history on capitol hill. if you thought the battle over health care reform would end with the president signing the bill into law -- think again.
7:53 pm
it's coming to your radio, to your television, and to your computer. our national correspondent steve centanni has more on the midterm ad wars. >> here they come, shep. now that health care reform is the law of the land. watch for a steady barrage of political ads leading up to the election in november. just after the bill was signed into law this week, the political attacks began. one of them sponsored by the republican national committee, take aim at democrats who supported the bill. it's an internet ad urging voters to overturn the democratic majority in the house, effectively removing nancy pelosi as speaker of the house. >> it's time to focus on jobs and cutting government spending. it's time to fire nancy pelosi. now that's a cause worth celebrating. >> democrats, of course, running their own ads, thanking their own members who voted to support health care reform. and attacking republicans who voted against it. this radio ad was just released
7:54 pm
this evening. let's listen. >> health insurance reform is the law of the land. but no thanks to congressman mark kirk. he stood with insurance companies and their washington lobbyists and against reform. >> and there are expected to be a whole series of those for different members of congress. 20 democrats from districts that supported john mccain in 2008 voted for health care reform and those are the ones democrats will especially try to protect in their ad campaigns and the ones republicans will try hardest to unseat, shep. >> shepard: let the games begin. steve centanni in washington. a golf legend tells tiger woods to open up to the media when he makes his big return to the masters -- right. arnold palmer says the best thing for arnold to do is let shoot at him. two interviews only 5 minutes long since the sex scandal began headlines. we just learned he will hold first news conference in five months on the monday of the masters.
7:55 pm
his return to augusta next month will mark the first time he has played competitively since november. arnold palmer also said woods told him last week is he not playing in tomorrow's arnold invitational because tiger feels his game is not yet sharp enough. cool critters just ahead. then there is a new addition to a zoo in chicago. notice anything strange about this picture? see that? a complete wrap of today's monkey coverage is next. if all you know about us is... aflac! ...then you don't know quack. to find out more visit
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but we've got the ammunition she needs: omnaris. (troops) omnaris! to the nose. (general) omnaris works differently than many other allergy medications. omnaris fights nasal allergy symptoms that occur from allergic inflammation... relieve those symptoms with omnaris. side effects may include headache, nosebleed and sore throat. her nose is at ease. we have lift off. (general) remember omnaris! ask your doctor. in the battle against nasal allergy symptoms, omnaris combats the cause. >> shepard: top stories coming up. but, first, imagine your baby came out orange. cool critter time. monkey business. a monkey has given birth to a bright orange baby in chicago. look at that thing. we're told the babies are orange so others can easily find them. the zoo tells us the baby's fur should turn black like mom's in just a few weeks. updating some of fox top story
7:59 pm
tonight. steny hoyer announcing ten members of congress have received death threats, or threats some including death after voting to pass the health care bill. and the white house and the kremlin reported a deal between them that's been reached on details of a new treaty to reduce the number of u.s. and russian nuclear weapons and on this day in 1958, elvis presley traded blue suede shoes for a pair of combat boots when he officially joined the u.s. army. elvis, of course, an enormous star at the time. in fact, hundreds of fans showed up in arkansas to wish him well. but once elvis stepped foot on the base, he was the same as any other recruit. a lowly buck private. about six months later he shipped off to germany. while overseas the singer discovered two things which would change his life, karate and his future wife priscilla. but the king first joined the army 52 years ago today. and now you know the news for


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